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na yo this is ma gurl beyoncye wat ev this was from belinda i chose this pic cause most of them show her body but i wanted something that brings all the attetion on ha not on ha dress j-z or ha jewelry
ali ex close up.it cool.i think this picture of an ex close up really shows you how to do an ex close up shot the right way

Varjak.jpgMarcus - Extreme Close-up. I chose this shot because I really like Varjak Paw. I also wanted to show his eye because that is what makes him different from his family.

Janelle_HOMEWORK_DOGGIE.jpgJanelle-I chose this picture because I like dogs and I wanted to show how Yorkshire Terriers look close up.This is called a close up.

High rise building low angle shot�- slide 19 - A Kind of Living
High rise building low angle shot�- slide 19 - A Kind of Living
Fabiola-i pick this one because it from a long time ago and i want to show everyone in Howard about this picture. oh and Howard Rockz hey. this is a low shot

Slide - High rise building low angle shot

.... and the consequent shortage of land and housing cause these to acquire a new value - at prices sustained by a proliferating black economy.

leximil- sup this is a extreme long shot and this is near the place the plane field in the hudson and i really like the place around here!

external image biggie-smalls.jpg

Morgan Miller- This is a close shot up of Biggie Smalls. I picked this picture because I wanted to acknowledge that he was one of the greatest rappers alive!

external image tuckup.jpgChanice Penny- This is a high shot of a man on the streets.I picked this picture becusei think it really gives you a good idea of what a high shot is.
family_pictures_112.jpgalondra castillo-This is a close up picture.I picked it because i think is a good close up shot and because she is so cute lol.